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We Are
Schools and Labor 
Against Privatization

Fighting to keep Oakland for the children, families, and workers of Oakland.

We are a labor and community coalition formed to defend our cities from privatization efforts by billionaires like the Waltons (Walmart), Bloomberg, and Fisher (Oakland A’s owner). As a collective, we understand that Oakland is not the only American city under attack from billionaires attempting to privatize/gentrify for personal monetary gain. We understand that Black and Brown communities across the country continue to be disproportionately affected by the resulting wealth gap epidemic.


To the closing of public schools in Oakland, which provide education and jobs to disadvantaged communities. No to the Fisher family and privatizers take over of public schools to remake as private charter schools.


To the Fisher family’s attempt to benefit financially by acquiring industrial public land that creates good union-paying jobs and tax revenue for our communities to build private multi-million dollar condos and a baseball park. 


To redistribute corporate wealth to fund high-quality public education and services, adequate and affordable housing, and well-paid union jobs for all working people.

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